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Oshkosh Area Community Pantry
Emmanuel United Church of Christ
Omro Community Food Pantry
Lutheran Food Pantry
Salvation Army Oshkosh
His Church World Outreach
Winneconne Area Assistance Center
Father Carr’s Place2B
Berlin Emergency Food Pantry
Green Lake County Food Pantry

Donor List

Jayne N. Ahearn
Kenlynn and Ron Akin
Richard and Dixie Allen
AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #7
Thomas Krupo and Mary Andrasko
Mike & Debbie Angelo
Sandra Basel
Greg and Pat Bauer
Ernie & Sherry Bellin
Karen Binder
Dan and Mary Blackwood
David and Judy Butt
Marillyn and Dick Campbell
Cort Chambers
Robert & Marilyn Cornell
Winnebago Community Credit Union
Phil and Mary Cundy
James and Norma Jane Dyer
Tom and Lois Eierman
Roger and Patsy Erdmann
Arlene Gudden
Arlene Gudden
In memory of Joan and Jan Haringer
Robert and Judith Hergert
Gary and Debra Herman
Richard and Susan Hoppe
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn C. Retzlaff IN MEMORY OF Charles Retzlaff and John & Mary Boss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Kelly IN MEMORY OF Dale Monsour
In memory of Harry H. Rhyner
In Memory of Jenny Madel
Mrs. Phyllis J. Morrison IN MEMORY OF Ken Morrison
In Memory of Sharon Burgett
In Memory of Tim Gehrt
James Jenks
Mary Jane Juzwiak
Gary K. Kappelman
David and Barbara Kersztyn
Joan Kinderman
George Kleser
Donald and Cheryl Knoblauch
Ken and Carole Kotloski
Carole Levine
Mary Louise Lewis
Carl Lueck
Rich and Bev Mallon
In memory of Barbara Marx
In memory of Marissa Marx
Paul and Kathleen McHugh
Patrick and Susan Meyer
Janice Miller
Kathy Mohrman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Monday
Pearl G. Muscavitch
Virginia Nelson
Dave and Carla Omachinski
Oshkosh Community Credit Union
Robert and Marilyn Paulick
Hugo and Janet Paulik
Ms. Elizabeth Pitz
Ed/Meg Potempa
Jerry and Beth Potter
Albert and Wilma Ritsema
K. Nguyen and K. Rivers
Marc & Lisa Ruetten
Robert and Susan Salm
Nancy Samida
Milly Schafhauser
Debra Schall
Beverly Scheuermann
Patricia Schilcher
Richard and Catherine Schmit
Callan and Brenda Schultz
Wayne and Connie Stadtmueller
In memory of Elmer & Shirley Stark
Joyce Steinert
Bruce and Donna Stevenson
Nancy Stroh
Clariss Techlow
Jeffrey and Ann Trembly
Tim & Judy Young
Tom Zillges