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Food Pantries

ATC Storehouse
Christian Food Pantry
Clintonville Area Food Pantry
Cornerstone Church
Double Portion Food Pantry
Freedom Center Food Pantry
Freedom Food Pantry
Heart of the Valley Food Pantry
Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry (Kaukauna)
Loaves and Fishes Ministry (Waupaca)
Manawa Area Communities Food Pantry
Marion Area Food Pantry
Matthew 25:35
New Holstein Food Pantry
Ruth’s Pantry
Saint Vincent de Paul New Holstein
Salvation Army Chilton
Salvation Army Fox Cities
Seymour Community Food Pantry
St Mary/St John Saint Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
St. John’s Food Pantry
St. Joseph Food Pantry
Waupaca Area Food Pantry
Weymont Food Pantry
Young Community  

Donor List

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*Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
James and Karen Abbott
Altrusa Club of Appleton WI, Inc.
American Legion Auxiliary Unit #38
Carol and Paul Anderson
Dean and Gail Anderson
Altrusa Club of Appleton WI, Inc.
Beverly and Bill Armstrong
Amy Chung and Nicholas Augelli
Warren and Debby Ayer
Ms. Karen Baldwin
Rae Ann Balster Balster
David and Paula Bauman
Jo Ann Beck
Judy Bero
Ed Berthiaume
Chris and Connie Birling
Sandra Birling
Stella Blair
Tom and Carol Blank
Bob and Kay
Bob and Kay
David and Debbie Boden
Sue Borowski
Barbara Boudry
Thomas Branagan
Susan Brautigam
Sharon Brooker
Dennis and Ginny Buschke
Yvonne Calnin
John and Jane Campbell
Barbara and Dominic Carini
John and Bobby Carlson
John Casper
Jackie Chow
Bill and Pat Christensen
Nancie Chuchel Chuchel
Ray and Mary Clough
Ruth Coenen
Julian and Marjorie Conkey
Kenneth Danielson
Ken and Gail Demerath
Judy Derocher
Curt Detjen
Denny and Cheryl Dewing
Ken and Sharon Dickson
Daniel Pawlowski and Lyn Du Chateau
Jan and Len Duello
Valley Eagles 4-H Club
Joan Egan
Sally Erdman
Cindy and Mark Fallona
Knapinski Family
Robert Haupt Family
Tom and Pat Fanning
Bill and Ann Fischer
Dan and Mary Flannery
Patti and Mike Fossen
Bev Fountain Fountain
Mary Freiburger
Agape Charitable Fund*
Dr. John P. and Marlene K. Konsek Fund*
Hirn Family Charitable Fund*
Hyggelig Fund*
Ruth and Richard Haviland Family Fund*
The Real Estate Group Foundation Fund*
William M. and Sandra M. Rogers Charitable Fund*
Duane and Corinne Gabel
Linda Gaerthofner
Ellen Gardafee Gardafee
John and Lynn Gavelek
Robert and Natalie Gehringer Family Fund*
Becky and Doug Gilbert
Jack and Shirley Gillespie
Robert and Mary Glimore Glimore
Tony and Jackie Gonzalez
Chuck and Jan Gostas
Rex Gromer
Stacey Grosnick
Tom and Sue Gruper
Hunter H.P.
Lorna Hamilton
Sam and Nancy Hamilton
Jim and Claudine Happel
Alexa Harbor
Chance Harbor
David and Jan Hegg
Richard Hein
Willard and Mary Hemauer
Lona L. Heublein
Richard and Diane Hilsabeck
David Hinds
Bob and Rhonda Hochholzer
Bernie and Flo Vanden Hogen
Brian and Kim Holinbeck
Pechman Imaging
Kathleen Isaacson
Char and Bill Janssen
Jimmy, Linda & Karen
Norm and Barb Johnson
David and Jeri Jordahl
Patricia Katzman
Linda L. Kennedy
Pat Kernen
Suzanne M. Kewley
Marguerite M. Keys
Greg and Marilyn Kippenhan
Gene Kitzerow
Laverna Kitzinger
Appleton-Fox Cities Kiwanis Club
Audrey Kleman
Ralph and Betty Koehnke
Marge Koepke
Richard and Mary Jo Kohl
Francis, Marie, Jean and George Koller
Joanne Kolodzik
Jim Koslowski
Mike and Karin Krablean
Diane Kulick
Ernest and Annette LaBrake
Daniel Lamers
Richard and Ann Larsen
George Laux
Ryan and Debra Lee
Tony & Sharon Leslie
Gary and Sharon Lichtenberg
Cindi Logan-Meulemans
Tom and Mary Lonigro
Joan Lorge
Anne Des Marais
John Marra
Jan Mau
Kevin and Maribeth McCann
Dennis and Rita McComber
Michael and Lorraine McCullough
Linda McKinney
Tom and Bonnie McMillan
Bruce and Patti Meiers
Menasha Athletic Association
Todd Meyer
Bob and Judy Mickelson
David Midkiff
Jean Miller
Jim and Lorraine Miron
Paul Moderson
Marcia Morgan
Bernard and Mary Mount
Judy Murphy
John Neeuwsen
Ann Nelson
Kevin and Ann Nelson
Mike and Julie Nickels
Mr. Robert Olkiewicz
Ms. Diane B. Ostrand
John Snyder and Patti Paul-Snyder
Marilyn Paulson
Mary Payne
Russell L. Peterson
Nancy Pierce
Michael and Carol Pokorny
Patricia Porretto
Premier Financial Credit Union
Bernadine Prosek
Michael Rass
Keith and Jan Reffke
Ron and Cheryl Reissmann
Marilyn Rettler
Cindy Rieck
The Rink Family
Robert and Sandra Risse
Kay Roberts
Jerry Rodencal, Jr.
Phil and Ellen Roe
Mick and Leah Rogers
Tom Rosenfeldt
Gary and Kristine Rothenbach
Len and Ellen Rusch
Ed and Julie Sabish
Dale Schaber and Penny Bernard Schaber
Dave Schabow
Jennifer and Robb Schaefer
Irene Schaper
Sue and David Schini
Dave Schmidt
Shirley J. Schomisch
Mark and Sharon Schrading
Tracy Schroeder
Donna Schuldes
Mike and Jan Sele
Bob and Karen Sengstock
John and Mary Sensenbrenner
Rosemary Simonis
Linda and Randall Smith
Mowry Smith III
Jim and Nola Sodolski
Richard and Mary Sokel
Amber Sommerfeld
Marilyn Spieth
Amy Spreeman
Francis St. Andre
Marcia and Lloyd Steffenhagen
Becky and Jon Stellmacher
Donald and Laurie Stowe
Tim and Mary Strelow
Ms. Marlene J. Stuiber
Nancy Stuyvenberg
Sally and Bob Thomson
Keith and Ginny Tomlinson
Marcia Trentlage
Brian and Lynn Tungate
Rachel and David Ude
Jeff and Paula Ulmen
Neenah United Education Association
Mark and Paula Van Cuyk
Robert and Renáe Van Heuklon
Kathy van Remortel
Beverly K. Vandenberg
Sue Vannorsdall
Ryan and Kerri Veleke
Harvey Walbrun
Richard and Barbara Walhart
Elizabeth Weiland
Larry Weisensel
Susan and Robert Werley
Barbara Westhofen
Frederic Westphal
Walter and Beverly Wieckert
Marvel Williamson
RoseMarie and Maung Hla Win Charitable Fund*
Winnebago Community Credit Union
Matthew and Melissa Wolcanski
Jerry and Barb Wood
Donna and Guy Young
Ron and Greg Klofta and Jason Ziemann
Paul and Karen Ziemer
*Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region