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Adams Food Pantry
South Wood Emerging Pantry Shelf

Donor List

Louis Abler
Adams Friendship Lions Club
Robert and Carol Brey Family Advised Fund through Incourage
Marshall and Pat Buehler Advised Fund through Incourage
Allan and Dawn (Ross) Neuman Family Advised Fund through Incourage
Rause Family Advised Fund through Incourage
Harold and Donna Anderson
Dr. Steven and Susan Andrews
Linda Anunson
Marjorie Arendt
Karen J Bathke
Lori and Jay Bemke
Frank and Barb Bengsch
Dale Bikowski
Don and Donna Brost
Jim, Michael and Matt Burke
Rodney and Jane Bush
Marjorie Butts
Harold and Joan Clark
Darryl and Joyce Clauson
Sherry and Al Cleveland
Ron and Lynn Coleman
Thomas , Patricia and Tim Curry
Joanne Daberkow
Jayne Deering
Dick and Fran Dent
Arlyn and Lorraine Dorshorst
Joyce Durrant
Dennis and Marilyn Erickson
Ronald and JoAnn Gostomski
Le Ann Gotz in honor of all volunteers at the local food pantries
Luanne Gotz Lutct
Marion Grauvogl
Jim and Ruth Greening
Ann Marie Grinder
Al and Mary Lou Gumz
Mary Jo Hane
Mary Jo Hane in memory of Jim Custer
Marilyn Helgestad
Ed Heller
Richard and Cleo Hendricksen
Jan Hoffman
Mike and Joy Honkomp
In memory of John and Maxine Siegler on behalf of their children
Bill and Bernice Jenkin
Fred and Joan Jesse
Brian and Sue Johnson
Todd and Toni Joosten
Peggy and Scott Keating
Mae Kester
Shirley Killian in memory of Francis
E. Knapinski
Glenwood and Bette Knorr
Alice Koehn
Jim and Byrdie Koehntopp
Walter and Joan Konopa
Jerome and Susan Krofta
Inez Krohn
Eugene Krutza
Richard and Nellie Larsen
Gene and Aileen Larson
Janet and Larry Lassa
Gary and Judy Lessig
Ed and Alice Lewien
Diane Lieber
Dale and Joyce Loomans
Gerald and Diane Mancl
Barbara Manz in memory of Jim Manz
Harold A. Marceau
Jean and George Mathews
Joyce McCabe
Clarice McCrossen
Hugh and Carol Mechesney
Bill and Carol Metcalf
Jill Metcalf
Jerome Molski
Charleen Moscinski
Gail Narlock
Jerry and Rose Nash in honor of Cmdr. Linda Nash - retired
Jim and Pam Nooyen
Claudia Obermeier
Jerry and Jan Oleson
Dennis, Mary, Tom and Ben Olson in memory of John and Maxine Siegler
Robert and Jeanette Orheim
Lee and Elaine Pavelski in memory of George and Lucille Arendt
James T Perry
Greg Pesko and Dawn Olson
Tom and Stephanie Pierce
Tod and Diana Planer
Patti and Mick Rasmussen
Kathleen Regalia
Jerry and Donna Reichert
Rita Rheinschmidt
Rich Acres Dairy
Dale and Christine Richardson
Bob and Dorothy Rindo in memory of Burt Morris
Ann Ruesch in memory of Mary Ruesch
Emily Saeger
Gary and Teresa Schoenborn
Patricia Schoone
Roger and Doris Seifert
Elaine Semrow
Cheryl M Shepard
Jason and Kim Shields
Judith Spice
Alice Sprafka
John and Judy Steele in memory of Jim Custer
Mark and Gina Steidl
Duane and Judy Steinert
Steve and Mary Sterzinger
Chris and Kathy Strope
Jan Suzda
Elaine and Tom Taylor
Russ and Kerri Terril in memory of Bill and Phylis Lindsay
Dan and Linda Thomas
John and Vi Thompson
Dale Tremmel in memory of Patricia Tremmel
Linda Varga in honor of Aleta Herman
Jeff and Kathy Vavrina
Steve and Laura Vechinski in memory of Patricia Ahles
Dan and Maribeth Vogel
Ed and Dawn Vruwink
Jim and Lori Walloch
Michael and Joann Weiler
Terry and Patty Weinfurter
Wolosek & Wolosek CPA's, S.C. in memory of Vince Murphy and Eugene Wolosek
Thomas and Jennifer Younger
Ed and Kathy Zappen
George and Peggy Zimmerman