Green Bay Football Legends

GREEN BAY - It's time to pick a champion, but not in basketball.

While ordinary people are picking winners in basketball tournaments these days, folks in Green Bay can keep their focus squarely where it belongs: football in Titletown, U.S.A.

USA Today Network-Wisconsin has created a bracket to help you choose the ultimate Green Bay football legend. Beginning with a field of 68 players, coaches and other contributors to football in northeastern Wisconsin. Each week, you can vote for the winners of a tournament match-up until the champion has been crowned.

Click on the tabs at the top of the screen to choose the appropriate round.

We’ve “seeded” players based on their contributions to the game in northeastern Wisconsin. The top seeds — Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Brett Favre and Ray Nitschke — include players with retired numbers and a coach whose name adorns the National Football League's championship trophy. Just a notch below are the second seeds: Curly Lambeau, Don Hutson, Reggie White and Tony Canadeo. They’re followed by players whose contributions to Titletown football landed them in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as players the team has been honored by placing their names on the façade inside Lambeau Field.

Lesser players received seeds of 7 through 16, as did players who are still active. That’s why the team’s current quarterback, a potential hall-of-famer, will have to beat retired President Bob Harlan and some other legends to make it to the finals. After the "play-in" round, you'll have multiple days to vote in each round. We'll take 24 hours between rounds while we tally the results and set the next round. Come back each round to make your votes count — unlike most polls, you can vote more than once. Just click on the round (“Play-In,” “Round 1,” etc.) and follow the prompts.

Bracket #1

1 Vince Lombardi (Coach) - 60%
2 Curly Lambeau (Founder) - 40%